Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Thanksgiving after WLS

Jackie will again be working her little tail off getting things in the house ready. She will be scrubbing and polishing everything to make it look nice in the house for our guests. She is always so concerned that there may be a piece of lint or something out of place. She will vacuum the floors at least 10 times before everyone get here. Well maybe that is an exaggeration, just 5 times.

I am more concerned about the food and making sure it is ready and cooked correctly. Jackie and I will work together as we always to get it all done. As we get older it is harder and harder to set up and prepare a big shindig like this each holiday season. We will be doing it again on Christmas and probably New Years as well. Buy we love having the family around and will hold the festivals here as long as we can. One year as I remember when the girls were all in school and nobody else was coming to our home for Thanksgiving, we went to a restaurant and had a buffet. It was good, but it was just not the same with the family all around laughing and having a good time, so we would just as soon continue with what we do for as long as we can.

This will be my second Thanksgiving after my WLS. I plan on having a little more this year than I did last year as far as volume of food. I can tolerate a little more these days but still will have a hard time eating more than would be on a small salad plate. But I am going to have more than a square inch of pie like I did last year. However I know what will happen if I over eat and I have to make sure I have nothing after about 7:30 in the evening or I will suffer with heartburn all night and I definitely do not want that.

Everyone have a great holiday and please remember those family members and friends who are not with us physically anymore and be thankful for the family and friends you will enjoy being with this year. 

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