Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making Progress

Well it has been over a month from the time I posted to this blog. It is not that I have stopped having interest in what my life is like after bypass surgery, it is just that because of the surgery I can do so many other things that I was just unable to do before.

As I have noted before, we are remodeling our home. Just now the kitchen is the main part we are doing. When I say we, I mean my wife Jackie and me. I do not have the money to pay someone else to do the work. As it is now we have about $6,000 invested in the things we had to get so far to bring our home up to modern standards. Can you imagine how much it would have cost if I could not have done the work. So not only has the surgery improved my life, it is saving me money.

Working on the kitchen. What a mess
We are living in a construction mess right now. If you know my wife, you can appreciate how hard it is on her to have the house a mess. She is the kind of housekeeper who will vacuum the same floor more than once in a day if she feels it is messy.
Old tile gone waiting to put hard flooring down. 
The old tile floor and underlayment has been removed from the kitchen and dinning room and just yesterday we got the new hardwood flooring to put down. We have to let it get accustomed to the environment for 3 days before I start to nail it down. I have never done that before but have the tools and have watched many U-Tube videos showing others doing it and I feel confident that I can do it as well.

Before surgery I would not have had the energy to do these tasks and would have collapsed in a pool of perspiration on the floor if I tried. If you are like I was way over weight and sick and can find any way of having the surgery, please do what you can, to get it done. You will not regret it. That is of course if you use the great gift of the surgery to modify your life and change you habits. Without doing that the surgery is a waste of time and effort. It is not magic, but if you follow the rules and do as you are directed to do, you too will be able to do things like I have talked about here without worry about killing yourself.