Saturday, October 5, 2013


Things around here are pretty much returning to normal. My weight is stabilizing, I weigh every other week on Tuesdays. I bounce up or down a pound of two but for the most part I am still under my goal weight but not losing to a dangerous area any more. I am still having big time problems with heart burn or over active stomach acid problems. They are better than they were when I was on vacation. Seems like they come on when I am hungry or it has been awhile from the time I had something to eat and my stomach is empty. 

The Doctor is sending me for some tests next Tuesday. The kind of tests where you drink some yucky stuff and they take pictures of it going through your system. He for some reason thinks I am having a blockage or something like that. I don’t think so as I have no problem eating anything these days. In fact I am worried that I am eating too much. I do weigh and measure everything and log it into MY Fitness Pall software on the internet, but still I worry that the weight will start to creep up on me. 

We paid off all our vacation bills I think. We did charge some things while we were in England, got the bill and paid it, but there still may be a few linger changes still out there. It cost us a lot more than we had planned, but we had a wonderful time and the memories will last us for the rest of our lives. 

Now on to working on the house. Going to put new floors in most of the rooms and paint. We are still not sure what we are going to put in the kitchen but one thing for sure is that Jackie wants a new stove so I will be working on the cabinets to make room for a slide in gas oven and stove top. We will be working on that just after the first of the year. First we have to get though the holidays and have them paid for, then we can buy the supplies needed and get to work. I hope to have it all done by April. Wish me luck. 

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