Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Weight Loss Help

Jackie and I recently got a new device to cook our food. We are always looking at improving how and what we eat. Especially now that I have had WLS it is important that I have very little fat. We have always cooked our meat on an open rack in the oven letting the drippings fall into another pan under the rack and getting as little as possible retained in the meat.

There is just the two of us in the house and when we cook meat in such a small amount. It is not very cost and time effective to use the big oven to cook just 4 ounces of food for each of us. We were looking at a way of being more effective and to be honest our oven is very old and Jackie does not like having to clean it so often. 

A friend of mine had tried several of these cooking devices like the ones you see on late night TV. He actually bought most of the popular brands and used them for some time. After doing an evaluation he decided that the best device he used was the cooker manufactured by Sharper Image. 

Jackie and I got one and we agree that it is very good. It cooks the food very quickly and has a rack so that the excess fat falls to the bottom of the big glass bowel. You can cook the meat or what ever you want even frozen. It takes only a very short time and the energy use and clean up is just great. The meat is browned and crispy if you want it that way. We even do fries in it and they are crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. 

In our mind this is a very good device if you want something that cooks things very fast and well. It makes life a lot simpler and costs less in energy and cleanup is much faster. The Sharper Image has a large glass bowel that is kind of heavy, but it will last longer than some that have some kind of plastic bowels. It is large enough that you could cook a complete meal in  it and it would work for a larger family if you need that. 

For Jackie and me, it fit’s the bill very well, and we love it. 

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