Thursday, June 27, 2013

Comments from old saggy butt

As far as my life after weight loss surgery (WLS), goes things are going along quite well. I have been at goal now for almost 2 months and feeling great. I have more energy and can work around the house so much better than I could before WLS. But, because I feel so great, it is easy to over do a lot of things and the old bones and muscles start to hurt and the day after doing some great big task I am reminded that even if I look younger and feel younger my body knows my age and I feel it.

I am still swimming 3 times a week and I would love to be riding my bike more but when the weather is good enough it seems like there is something in my life that MUST be done and I do not get to go, It also seems like on days that I have nothing better to do, it rains and I end up not going. Today is a day like that. It may clear up but right now it looks pretty bad.

The weight was going down and I am currently 6 pounds under my goal. My goal was to be at a normal BMI and for me that was 168 pounds. I am currently 162 in my shorts and at the last doctors visit I was 167 with my shoes on and dressed. I go up a pound or so some days and then lose it again in the week. I weigh officially once a week and so far there has been no real change each week. I was up .7 pounds a couple of week ago, but this past two weeks I was exactly the same.

Many people have commented on how I look TOO thin and sickly. That does not make me feel good, but others have told me that is normal in that people were more used to seeing me heavy and it is strange for them to see me now and they think I am sick, which I guess is a normal reaction. Also I am told by some old timers that my baggy skin will tighten up a LITTLE over the years and I hope so, as my butt looks like the craters of the moon now.

That is it for now from old saggy butt.

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