Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Tribute To My Dad

Dad really never had much of a chance in life to be really successful financially. He was the oldest son in a hard working farming family in North Dakota. Times were hard then and it was difficult for a family to educate children then as they were needed to help on the farm.

My Grandfather was injured in an accident and was not able to work to his full capacity so my dad being just a teenager took over much of the farming hard tasks. He never had the opportunity to go past the 8th grade in school. This hampered him all his life. He was not a stupid man just educated via the school of hard knocks. I was watching him.

He worked hard all his life. He tried many things to make a living. He loved farming and tried to work a construction job and run a farm he rented at the same time. I learned the value of hard work as he had me beside him all the time. I was watching him.

He loved my mom with all his heart. He never told off color jokes or did I ever hear him say a bad word about mom or my grandmothers. He never cheated. I was watching him.

He went to church when he could and prayed to God for help. Shortly before he died he was taking a bible study course and enjoying it very much. I was watching him.

My Dad was born with a defect in his heart and he had an attack when he was only 41. He smoked and should have quite. But he didn’t and he had another heart attack when he was 51. He never wanted me to smoke and even though I did for a short time, I learned form him what could happen. I was watching him.

The evening before he died in the hospital I was influenced by something to go to the hospital and shave him. We talked about the future and what we wanted to do together. I hugged him and told him I loved him and he said I love you too Larry and I am proud to be your dad. I was so proud to be his son. Because all my life I was watching him and I knew how to be a man because of him.

God Bless you dad and I hope you finally can rest and find peace now. You deserve it so much. And I know now for sure….YOU are watching ME.

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