Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Looking Back At My Weight

Great Great Grandfather
Now that I am at my goal weight the real fight begins. I have never gotten down to what I consider a goal weight in the many attempts I have made over the years, but I set a goal of being in a normal BMI and I have done it now. In looking back I may have made a mistake going down that far because when I look at my body I may be too thin. But I am going to try my best to stay within a 5 pound at most, with a swing either way up or down for the rest of my life. I will weigh myself each week and record it and continue to record my daily eating on My Fitness Pal web site to make sure I am not eating more calories than I should eat only a daily basis.

I have had time now during my weight loss, to look back at my life, and a few things really bother me and I really think I have found some things in my own family that seem to make sense as far as how we are getting more obese as a society over the years. Especially over the past few decades.

Great Grandfather
As a hobby I am very involved in genealogical research and have traced my family back hundreds of years. I am even fortunate to have photos of many of my grandparents, great grandparents and in a few cases great, great grandparents. What strikes me, is that looking at them, none are obese or even overweight. I understand that one of my great grandmothers who I do not have a photo of was over weight, and I know that my paternal grandmother Wassmann was overweight, but these people were an exception. My mother and father were thin, most of my dad’s brothers and sisters were thin all their lives. Uncles and aunts were all thin. Even my brother was extremely thin. On all sides my ancestors are thin people. Where did I get my weight problem. From my one grandmother and great grandmother??? Well maybe I guess. All my heavy grandmother’s brothers and sisters were thin all their lives just grandma was heavy and I never saw her eating a lot of food or foods that would be considered bad foods, other than people back then fried a lot of foods, that are now considered bad for your heart.

These days my kids all have some weight issues. Some worse than others. One is currently waiting for WLS which is scheduled soon. Another one should have it, in my opinion and the third one is not overweight but has to watch it very closely. My wife eats the same thing as I do and she has never been over weight. Well maybe a few pounds she did not want, but never even close to obese. I don’t think my family is that much different from others I have talked to about how their family is doing as far as weight problems. Many report to me that they have weight problems and that their kids are well on the way to being morbidly obese. What is the difference?

Great Grandmother
One thing I can confirm is the eating habits of my ancestors. My mother and father, and grandparents on all sides did not eat what we call today FAST FOOD. They would buy things in the store to make meals or grow their on foods. No overly processed foods. If they wanted a cake or pastries, they made them from scratch. I know my grandmothers never bought a cake mix in their lives. And another thing and I know this makes people mad at me, is that they NEVER go to places like McDonald’s, or Wendy’s or places like that EVER.  My mother who is still alive at 95 would have to be dragged into one of these places. They also never drank things like soda.

Now days I have to admit that we in the past and I suspect most families go to the store and buy some prepackaged fast food. A bag of something or go to a place where a take out meal can be put in containers and bring it home for the family. Places like Boston Market, and oriental places come to mind.  How many folks go to the store and buy a roster chicken and Jo Jo’s? Or stop buy one of the chain of fast food places and bring bags of stuff home for the family. Do I have to tell you how fattening this stuff is. Just look it up and see how many calories there are in them. They are also very easy to over eat these types of foods. They are full of salt and other preservatives that are really harmful to us all. I bet our ancestors did not eat these things as my family didn’t. Doesn’t it make sense, that maybe, these things are a major cause of our weight problems today???
My Father

I know you who are reading this, have the same excuses. I am too busy, or don’t have the time, or that the kids and the rest of your family, beg me to take them to these places as ALL their friends parents take them there. Guilt, Guilt.

I am going to do my best to stay away from these things in the future. I have not had a soda in a year now. I have not had anything from a fast food chain in the same year and I have lost with the help of WLS over 140 pounds. I have been happy with the food I eat now and enjoy my menu selections. I do not feel I am deprived at all and I really don’t miss that stuff. Will I ever have some fast food again, of course I will, but it will not be a regular thing I have daily or even weekly. Just occasionally or when I am away from home and do not know where to shop for good foods. I know many people disagree with what I say here but I would appreciate anyone who disagrees contacting me and telling me where I am going wrong.

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