Saturday, April 27, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have not posted for awhile not because nothing is happening in my life, but because I have been so very busy. As many of you know Jackie and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this June 21st.

We will be going to England to have a good time and see some things we both have wanted to see. We are not what you would call world travelers. Other than Canada and Mexico we have only gone to Honduras on a cruise so that is not many places. This will be for sure the farthest we have ventured from home. We already have our reservations and are madly getting thing ready.

We want to have the house and yard all spiffied up so that we can go and not worry about what it will be like when we get home. These efforts have taken much of our time. Last year because of my WLS I did not do much on the yard and, well to say things went to the dumps would be an understatement. Now I have to do things like re-planting some of the grass and restore the flower beds just to name a few things.

Now that I am at goal, actually a little under, I and Jackie our working on staying on maintenance  and not gaining weight but also not lose any more. It is hard to do mentally, as I am afraid to eat more to stop the loss, but I am afraid that I will start myself back on the road to getting fat again. So we are taking it a week at a time. I am eating a little more and I will see what effect that has on my weight. If I gain much, I will have to again adjust what I am eating. I am also working in the yard so much that I may be not eating enough to keep from losing.

This is for sure going to be the hard part of the process. I am happy for the weight loss but scared that somehow I will fail again as I have so many other times. My mind tells me that I will be just fine, but the fear is always there in my mind. I know I can still not eat very much at a time, but when I have a snack I feel like I am cheating but know I am supposed to eat a little more now.

I will try to do a better job of updating this blog now that much of the ground work on the house is done. Stay tuned. 

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