Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did My Hobby Make Me Fat?

As many of you who know me, I am now and have been involved in Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). I have been doing it from the time I was 15 years old and continue to this day. It may have been one of the things that contributed to my weight problems. It is a kind of a sedentary type hobby where a lot of sitting as listening and not doing much movement. Even Golf which I did a little would have given me more exercise. Sometimes Jackie would bring my dinner to me in my ham shack, I would eat it, and not even remember it. No wonder I was fat. I would eat a big meal, not remember it and get another big serving or two. 

Anyway I still love to contact many of my friends all over the world and renewing many friendships on a daily basis. Of course many young people use cell phones and computers to do about the same thing. But that fact that I have built the facility that does the communications gives me a lot of satisfaction. I did not build all the boxes like the transmitter or receiver, but I put all the components together and set them up correctly. I have been very successful in the hobby and have worked and confirmed every country in the world. 

An organization that regulates many of the activities of hams is called the ARRL (American, Amateur Radio League). They have a ranking of those hams who have archived high goals in radio especially working distant countries. The part of the hobby is called working DX which stands for long distance communications. They have many awards that the grant to hams who have made progress on working DX. I am proud to say that I am number one on their honor roll, and have worked them all on the list.

These days I try to limit the amount of time I spent working on my radio and try to find other things to give me some exercise. I probably have way to many hobbies and it is a good thing I don’t work for a living anymore as I would not have time for it now that I am retired. 

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