Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Near Goal and Future

I am 6 pounds from my goal weight. But thinking about the future and how I am going to manage myself after I am at goal for a time. From what I can understand by reading and going to my support meetings and listening to other there who have been out for a long time. In my past diet life, I was always able to lose the weight but the hard part is keeping it off without a slow creep. Which unfortunately for me has always happened.

My surgeon and PCP have both told me that WSL is not a cure for obesity just a kick start to a lifelong diet. The difference of course is that our bodies have been surgically modified and we now have a small pouch instead of a stomach. So as I understand it and I sure hope I am not wrong, I will never be able to eat more than about a cup or so at one sitting. So I know that will help me.

My plan is to drop my calorie count down to 900 or so as it is now, for as long as it takes to get my weight down again. Then go back on a normal caloric amount that my NUT is going to set for me in the near future. I know of no other magic to regulate the weight. If I don’t get on the scale regularly and count calories, how in the world do I adjust my diet and reduce my weight? I know of no other way.

I hear over and over again people who have had WLS say…When my weight loss stopped…that makes no sense to me. When my weight loss stops is when I am dead. The rules of dieting do not stop anymore than any other law. If you put less calories in than you burn (use) you will lose weight. I know of nobody lost in the wilderness or any other condition where they had NOTHING to eat that gained weight. No you should not starve yourself, but I think many have a distorted idea as to what starvation really is. We can go long periods of time with nothing to eat without ill effects. I have people say that “gee I am hardly eating anything” but what are they eating and how much.

As I get closer to my goal weight I get even more apprehensive about my ability and know this is going to be the hardest part of the process. With the help of my friends, and support groups and my loving wife, I will be able to be really successful this time around. Only time will tell and I will post as much as I can about my progress.

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