Thursday, February 7, 2013

Able to work around the house now.

Today I started to paint our master bedroom and bath. Jackie picked out a green color, what else she loves green, and we started painting. Had to move the furniture around to get to the walls but with the help of those little pads you can get these days it was not so hard to do. 

We got the furniture from one of the walls and used that blue painters tape to mask off the woodwork although using the little square brush thing with the rolling wheels on it, worked just as well as using tape. Anyway we got started and in less than an hour we had two of the walls painted. We are going to have to move the furniture back in that part of the room and then move the bed our of the way and paint the rest. We hope to get that done on Saturday. 

The main point of why I am bloging this is that I did all the work of moving stuff around, getting the paint in and ready and then clean up afterwards and I did not even break a sweat. Before surgery, I would have been covered with sweat, would have had a hard time breathing, everything would have hurt, and my heart would be racing. What a difference losing 130 lbs makes. I can now work and do things that used to be way to hard on me. I love being able to get things done now and not feel like I was going to die. 

One mistake I have made however, is that I tossed all my old baggy cloths our and did not have anything to wear while I painted that I did not mind getting paint on. So I painted in my shorts. Not a pretty sight, but I got it done and the only paint I got was on my arms. It will wash off. 

Going over to Sundee’s house today to give Sela her birthday presents. 

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