Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Like a Flowering Bush

When I look now back at my life, I think of it as a flowering bush. We all start out as flower buds. Ready to go but first we must bloom and spread our petals. As we grow our beauty grows and our fragrance and features get better and better. We become the most beautiful things on the bush. 

Now let me explain a little about this analogy. The bush to me is our family. The flower is each one of us in our families. Now as all flowers grow somewhat alike most have very subtle differences that make them unique. People are like that, we may come from the same family but we are still different in many ways. My life long struggle with weight was pretty much unique to me in my family. Some of my family had a slight weight problem but most were slim and in good shape. One grandmother though, had a struggle just as I have had. But most everyone else was thin. In my family I have three daughters. Two of them have weight problems which they are doing their best to work on and one is of normal weight but has other problems.  Now let me get back to the flower bush analogy:

As the flower grows some of its petals start to fade a little. Eventually some of them start to wither and fall off. But as they do these flower can look at other blooms on the bush and see that they are starting to flower and become beautiful in their own right. (children). They start in their life cycle and go through the same experiences as the flowers that bloomed before them, and very soon they notice newer blooms starting to grow on the bush. (grandchildren). Life goes on and on in the bush. (family). The older flowers as they wither and die can find solos in knowing that the beauty of the bush will be maintained and that new flowers will bloom and die, but the bush will go on and on.   

As in the bush analogy, my family is growing and growing. We have three lovely daughters, 11 grandchildren, and so far one great grandchild. What a joy it is to an old man like me to be blessed enough to see them all grow and strive to become the best they can be. I am so proud of them all. Not a one is a bad person. Yes we all make mistakes but we are all doing our best to recover from them, pick our heads up and carry on. Our bush (family) is in great shape and the master gardner (Heavenly Father) is trimming and taking care of us just fine and we thank and bless him for it. 

Here is a link to the Blog of one of my grandchildren Brittany Powell. Please take a look at it.  Also she is involved in many other things so please also take a look at her U-Tube channel to see what she is offering. You may find it very valuable to you as well. It can be found by going here. 

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