Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Pumping Along As Usual

Not much went on during the past week. I have been working on a Novel. Yes a novel. My family has been after me for a long time to write one thinking I have some particular skill doing that. For heavens sake, I don’t even read much for fun and novels are not at the top of my list. But I am giving it a try and have written a dozen pages or so and now find myself at the infamous writer’s block.

I have also been doing major updates to my regular personal web page. Go to if you haven’t been there already. I have changed it so that people who know me can get to some of my interests faster without going through many pages they have no interest in seeing. I think this layout will make it easier to navigate but I still have many linkage problems that I have to fix. But for some reason the server that I am hosted on is getting very finicky. It keeps giving me error messages that I do not understand and all my inquires to the support department have not been answered. My solution to the problem is to just keep trying and sooner or later the damn thing works. I really believe it is their problem and that may be the reason they don’t get back to me. I could call them on the phone but their support personal are Asian and any of you who know me, know I have a big time hearing problem especially on the phone and I can not understand what they are telling me most of the time and I have to ask them to repeat so many times I feel very stupid so I don’t like that and have to resort to e-Mail. 

I also converted all my 88mm video tapes to digital and put them on my computer. Doing that brought to light how much more power and hard disk space I need. So I am looking for a new computer. One that I can afford considering I will only pay cash for things like that and we have to save for our trip to England next year so the computer I want and the computer I can afford are two different things. 

As far as my health I lost another 2 pounds this week, but this morning at my unofficial weigh in on the bathroom scale I was up a little, but expect that by the time I actually weigh, I will lose again. I have only 14 pounds now to go to my goal, but I want to go under that so I have some wiggle room to maintain my weight. That amount is sure a lot less than the 140 pounds I had to lose when I started. Anyway I am still very happy with what I have done and would do it over again with no question. 

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