Thursday, January 24, 2013

Computers, Computers..PITA

Computers, I hate computers. Well I guess I should not hate them as I made my living for years working with computers. But really they are a convenience but sure do chew up a lot of my time these day. I recently upgraded my main computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8. All went well. I purchased the upgrade on line and down loaded it to my machine. It took over two hours to accomplish the task.

After it installed on my machine, I found I did not know how to navigate with the new operating system. There was no start button, No control panel that I could see, not even a way to bring the system down anymore. But I kept playing with it and finally found may way around and got everything working just fine.

Then I got a message that there were updates to install on my machine from Microsoft. Well I have always trusted that the updates would be find and let the machine update automatically. After I was done using the computer for the day, I decided to bring it down and back up to get the updates installed and re-boot the system. Guess what? It would not come up again. Just sat there with the screen kind of dimly flashing at me. There seemed to be no disk activity, no nothing. So even though I did not like the idea I held the power button down for 10 seconds and waited for the system to close. Then I hit the power button again and it started to come back up but hung just as before. OMG is my computer dead for good?

I am planning to get a new one with my IRS return if I get enough back but that will not be for a few months yet. I was panicked. I got on my other computer and searched the Internet for answers. As luck would have it and after a lot of prayers for help, I found some kindly person had posted what they did. This person said to press the power button and then after it tries to brink Windows 8 up, quickly press the power button again. I did and a recovery scheme came up on the screen that allowed me to restore back to where it was working without the updates that were put on. Man oh Man was I happy about that. All is fine now as far as I can tell. I have tested most everything and everything works as it should.

One of the first things I did after I got the system back was to create a boot disk on a USB drive and put it in my vault so if something like this happens again, I will have a better way of restoring the system. I should have know better and done that right away, but I was so involved in finding out how the system worked that I just had not got around to it.

So yes computers are needed today, but they sure can cause me a lot of emotional pain and are sometimes a real pain in the ass.

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