Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This is the generator we got
Well we had quite a storm here two days ago. Nothing like what they had back East with Sandy, but for us it was pretty bad. Winds up to 70 miles an hour in some places. Not that bad where I live but limbs and trees did fall. Thank heavens no damage was done to my home. That is except for what one of our dogs did to the house. While we were away swimming like we do every other day, the wind and rain came up pretty bad. One of our dogs, is very frightened about the wind. Well when we were away apparently the wind came up very badly, the light went out and our dog Patch got very scared. She clawed the back door and molding around the door very badly. I am going to have to replace it, after the holidays. Love old Patch she is a very nice dog, but was abused before we rescued her from a shelter and she get very upset with wind and noises and kind of goes crazy.
This is our dog Patch

Well that afternoon about 1 the power went out again. It was daylight so we did not panic or anything, just stayed in our big easy chairs in our media room and listened to the portable battery operated radio and dozed now and then. We decided to wait until we needed to get the new generator set up and ready until we needed to start dinner. Well 4 o’clock came and I drug out the generator to the middle of the deck, got the heavy duty extension cords out, and the heating plate to cook on. We had two large camp lights that we were using to see what we were doing, because it was quite dark in the house and outside as I was setting up everything. I hooked up the refrigerator and an electric lamp. All was well. One of the extension cords from the generator to the hot plate was not working so I looked and the cord had pulled out of the generator. I went outside to plug it back in when I noticed that the camp lights seemed to be lighting the house very well even with their small size. That is when Jackie came out and said guess what? The power is on. Sure enough the power had come back on as everything we needed to run off the power was now running real well. 

We decided to go ahead and cook our dinner on the generator and let it power the house for an hour or two just to test our ability to do thing without house power. We were able to cook or meal and do just about everything we needed to do without having commercial power running in the house. We did not have heat, but we had a man come over and work on our little gas heater and it is now working so we will not have heat if the power goes out again. We are also going to buy a small electric space heater as a back up heat source. That and the food we have stored, makes us feel pretty good that we will be able to survive for some time if a bad storm should hit us again. 

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