Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Spiritual Place For Me

During my weight loss journey and transforming myself into a new person, I have come to the conclusion that as I change on the outside, I have to change my outlook on the inside. I am still the same man I was in my head. I still have longings to eat excessive amounts of food as I did before. I know full well the consequences of doing that because it seems that all through my life I have suddenly found myself 50 pounds or so over some weight I lost on a diet plan. That always discouraged me and started me on the self pity party down the road to being grossly overweight again.  

Along with trying to make my new life style a habit and something I enjoy, I also have to get my mind fixed on the things that all my life have made me happy. I am not talking just about my wife and family that have always brought me great joy, I am not talking about hobbies or things that I have owned over the years, no I am talking about outside influences and places that have made me at peace with myself. Refreshed my soul. 

All during my life there has been a place, kind of a spiritual place I have always visited that has a renewing influence on me. I have been taken to this place or gone there myself from the time I was a child with my parents to now an old man. That place for me is Point Defiance Park in Tacoma Washington. 

It is not really that special as a park. It is not that big or spectacular. There is an area that people like to go to have family picnics and get together. There is a small zoo and a beautiful rose garden area. Many little quiet places where birds and other small animals live. There is a beach area where people go in the short summer we have here to sun bathe and where young people show off their cars and flirt with each other. There is a reconstructed old log fort that is on a place where there was a real fort for the pioneers many years ago. It also has a small museum. Most of these places are along what is called the 5 mile drive. Along the drive there are viewing points where you can have a great view of Puget Sound and the mountains we have here, the Olympics and the Cascade range. Really beautiful when the sun is out and shinning. 

But for me the best part of the 5 mile drive that goes into the forested area are the big trees. These are old growth giants. 200 feet high in many places and very big and old. They seem to talk to me and speak something to my very core and spirit. They are comforting to me and give me great piece. I can not really explain it, but the feeling is always there and no matter if I am just down emotionally or really sick physically, I always feel much better after I visit the park. It has a real medicinal effect  on me. I can always count on it making my day better. 

Everyone needs a renewal place like this and part of my reformation to a new person, I will never forget this place and go back often to remind myself of what is really important in life. I am so glad it is near and open for me and my family. 

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