Thursday, November 15, 2012

In a Funk

Well today, I kind of find myself in a kind of a funk of sorts. The weather around here is kind of cool and some rain. There are things I would like to do, but the lack of money and not wanting to go outside and work to much has me kind of looking for things to do around the house.

The weight loss is kind of slowing down, as expected. I am feeling great and I am happy with what I can eat each day and feel satisfied that I will be able to live on this diet menu for the rest of my life. I have less than 30 pounds to go now and of course things will get a little slow from now on. I guess a pound or two each week would be good, but I would wish that I could hit my goal of 165 pounds faster. I am not in a race I guess and as long as I am not gaining I should be happy. I am down to a size 34 pants now and that is from a size of 54 when I started this journey. 

We are trying to save as much money as we can so that we can go on our 50th anniversary trip to England next summer. We need a new stove in the kitchen and we also need to replace the tile floor in the kitchen with something else. Tile in a kitchen was a mistake, to many tiles have broken. I do not want to replace the flooring until I put the new stove in as I will have to modify the kitchen cabinets to do that and I do not want to mess up the new floor with the construction. Jackie wants a wood floor in her kitchen. 

All the kids seem to be doing well. Sundee has a new job, but her car broke down and it will cost $1,500 to fix it. Tawni is working her head off but seems to be doing well. Shelly is as always doing her best and is in another play and having fun. I just want my girls to be happy. 

All the grandkids are also doing very well. Kendal is in college and working hard. Brittany is involved with her new son, our great grandson Grayson. Jacob is busy in school and also doing well. All of Shelly’s kids are doing better in school now that they have transferred from Spinning grade school. They are doing better in their new school which is a much better school. The school administration in their town is thinking about shutting down the old Spinning grade school because it is very old and the staff is the pits. At least that is what I hear. I hate to hear that as I went to that school as a kid. Sundee’s kids are doing fine. Chase just had his 13th birthday and is involved in sports of all kinds. He is a good student and doing fine in that regard. Sela is a bundle of energy and is a joy to her mom. Of course Saul the oldest of our grandkids is in the Washington Military Academy and is scheduled to come home for Thanksgiving for a few days and then will go back for about 1 more month until he is graduated. He then will have to attend his old high school for a semester, and then will graduate from high school. He is thinking about going into one of the military branches. I hope he goes into the navy like his great grandfathers did. We will see, but he has made great progress toward becoming a great young man in the last year. 

I am continue to work on learning to play the guitar a little. I am also trying to get my ham radio skills in mores code back to where it was years ago. Lots of time to try new things. Now that I have lost over 115 pounds I have a lot more energy and I am really looking for things to do with myself. 

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