Friday, August 24, 2012

Atheist Quote of the Day

Yesterday someone made a post about the Atheist Quote of the Day. I made what I thought was a funny quote about there are no atheists in a foxhole. That is a pretty well known quote by men who have been in combat. I was not trying to make anyone mad or ridicule anyone’s personal beliefs. 

I support anyone right to state how they feel about any subject as I hope others respect my right. There is another post each day about Bible verses of the day. I have seldom even read those posts or made any statements at all either negative or positive. I have my own religious beliefs and would share with anyone, but only if they ask for my opinion. 

But having said that I would like to say something to those out there who are atheists. If you do not believe in God that is your privilege. I do believe in God and that is my choice. I really think it would be hard for me to not believe in some existence  after this life. I think I would go into depression and feel that many folks who are in depressed do not have faith in God. That is just my opinion but I feel it would effect me that way. Just to think when my eyes close in death that is it, just blackness forever in eternity. Does that not depress you folks? 

Let’s say that all religion is just fairy tales, still wouldn’t people still have better moral lives if they followed what most religions preach. What is the alternative? Survival  of the fittest? Religion is one of the only things in western civilization that protected poor people from kings and other rulers. 

Also this is basic and any of you that disagree with me this is for you. Lets just say that you do not believe in God and reject that message as just folk lore. You die and there is no God you are just a piece of carbon and will never be known again. BUT lets say you die and there is a God and you are called to judgment. The denial of God is a serious sin and you could be in big trouble. Wouldn’t anyone cover the basis, and do their best to gain a testimony of faith just in case? You may never have an auto accident, but I bet you have insurance. 

Also still the majority of people in the world are religious. Not just Christian but other faiths. People who do not believe in any God are in the manority. That is their right, but why do they feel they have the right to dictate to those of us who are religious as to what we can do. This is still a representative form of democracy where the majority rules. Many atheist use treats and laws to get their way over the majority. In this country this should not happen. Again just my opinion and I respect your ideas. 

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