Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mystery to Me.

This is a mystery to me. I keep hearing people say things like “ I am not losing weight anymore so I guess that is it for my weight loss”.  I just do not understand this. I have been on many diets and nothing stopped me from losing, but me. If I ate less and exercised more I would keep losing no matter what. How does WLS change this? Can we not do a diet anymore to lose 100 percent of what we want. Do the rules of diet change? I hear this over and over and over. “The weight loss has stopped so I guess that is it”. I just can not believe that comment. In my experience it never stops until I stop dieting. 

When we have WLS a lot of folks seem to lose a lot of weight without doing much other than doing a little exercise and eating the foods in the amounts as told by our doctors plans. Some even brag about the fact they can sometimes cheat on the foods they are supposed to eat and still lose. But then sometimes down the line the semi-automatic weight loss seems to stop or slow way down and then the comments start on I guess it is over. Why? Can we not diet on our own from now on. Can we not go to Weight Watchers, or some other program to lose the rest of the weight we want? 

One of the worst things that seems to happen is that people say “Oh I would like to lose more weight but hay I am happy with my weight loss and I feel good and even if I am a little overweight I don’t have to be skinny like a movie star etc etc”. That is bull shit. I have done it many times, it is called self justification and giving up on your goal. If you wanted to be 20 to 30 pounds over your stopping weight, you would have had it as your goal in the first place. I have seen photo after photo of people who have obviously just settled for some weight. They gave up and deep down they are still not satisfied. Some may really be, but I think that is the minority. 

I may have to eat these words in the future. But my goal is 165lbs. Kind of low for a man over 70 is only 5’9”. That is about the weight I was when I graduated from high school and less than I was when I was married. I may never make it, but I will keep trying to reach it and the good things is that as long as I am trying to lose, I don’t feel I will be gaining and getting on that downward slope again. I know my weight loss directly from WLS will slow way down or stop, but I will continue to do what is necessary to diet from that point unless there is some hard and fast physical reason it can not be done. But I doubt that is going to happen. 

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