Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My New Exercise

Well as you may know, I do aerobic swimming every other day. I love it and have done it for going on 7 years now. We go to a special pool that has salt water in it and it is quit warm. We have an instructor that puts us through many types of exercises for our bodies. Some of the people are old, so it is not too strenuous but you can exaggerate the exercise if you want to get more out of it. I also do a few fast laps at the end of the class which is about one hour.  

Now, I wanted to do more exercise on the days I do not go swimming. I decided to get a road bike. A friend of mine after he had RNY gastric bypass surgery, got a bike and is really into it now. I don’t want to get real into it, just do enough to work off some more of my body fat. 

I put it all together and it looks real neat. I have not ridden a bike for about 16 years and hope I can do it. They say it is like a lot of things, you really never forget how to do it, you have to just start slow and easy and work your way up to speed. Time will tell and I will update you on how I am doing. 

Update Update:  Well I went out for a ride this afternoon and I was able to go down our steep hill outside my home, but I am having problems trying to master the gear system. I could not find the correct gear to get back up the hill after I went down it and had to push the bike back up again. Also my old 70 year old knees do not like to bend that much in the pumping motion. They are very stiff, but once I get them going they work, but I think tomorrow morning I am going to be in some pain. I will keep at it and I know things will get better. I am going to try a little longer ride tomorrow. Again I will keep you posted.  

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