Monday, July 9, 2012

Learning about my pouch

I seem to be learning more and more each day about how my new stomach (pouch) works. When I came home from the hospital, I was on pureed foods for 4 weeks. I was told I could eat 4oz at each meal, with the normal no drinking until 60 minutes after each meal. After that I was allowed to have what they call soft foods. That would be anything that could be mashed easily with my fork. I was on that style of food for about 3 weeks. I was then told I could have solid foods. This is where I started to find out what I could eat and thing that caused me problems.
I was told that I had to eat very slow, about 15 minutes for each meal. I was told to chew and chew some more. Sometimes I forget and will have pain and have to vomit to get rid of it. Of course this means I do not have anything to eat at that meal. I have been eating something soft after that so that I don't miss in protein I should have. Cottage cheese is my go to food. It never makes me sick.
Even though I was told I could have 4oz of solid food, I am finding that really I can only hold 2 to 2.5oz of solid food. Especially meat. It is all part of the learning process. I am happy really that this happens because my particular eating disorder is that I have always over eaten as an adult. Now unless I graze all day which has never been my problem, I don't think I will over eat anymore and this WLS should work for me.

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