Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Vacation after WLS

Well I traveled to Orem Utah to see my new great grandson Grayson. He was born on the same day I had my RNY. We had a wonderful time with my daughter and her family. My granddaughter lives there in Utah. They live in a very beautiful home there. We were put up in a bedroom that could only be described as palatial. The furniture probably would cost more than my house. Very unbelievable. Just to let you know there was an elevator for the three floors of the house.

Anyway we were there not to just enjoy the house and surroundings, but to visit and hold our new  great grandson. We went to church and after that many of the extended family and friends came over to my granddaughter's home for a party. There was enough food there to feed an army. All kinds of things that I would have eaten before the surgery. I was able to find some things I could eat without sabotaging my plan. I took some cold cuts, weighed them and ate them very slow so as not to feel too deprived. I had to pass on the cinnamon rolls, the cake, the yummy looking salads that had way to much dressing in them, and all kinds of chips and dips. I have to be honest, I did feel bad watching others who should not be eating all that stuff and remembering how I used to love eating like that as well. It is in our DNA I think.

All the rest of the time we were down there we ate pretty much as close to the plan as we could. I avoided getting sick on anything and I hope I will lose weight next Monday when I weigh. But we did have a great time and the plane trip was very uneventful.    

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