Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Nice Saturday Morning

on May 5, 2012 8:23 am 

Well here I am at my computer on a nice Saturday morning. Just had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs (egg beaters), water packed pears (one cup), low fat cottage cheese (½ cup), and one cup of canned green beans. Total calories was about 255. This will be my last Saturday for quite awhile that I can have that much to eat. I think I can have all those things but in limited amounts for awhile.
 I still have a lot of questions about how much I can eat in ounces. I also need to find out if I drink a protein shake, does that count as the food or liquid or both? Other than that, I think I am ready. I have all the foods I think I will need for the next 4 weeks of cat food eating. Well it is not really cat food but pureed food sometimes looks like that.
 Feeling nervous and excited. I know the surgeons and staff at the hospital do this every day or most days and they know what they are doing, I know they said they have NEVER lost anyone on the table and they told me to put that out of my head it will not happen. But in the back of my head, and I bet everyone's head, they think as I do, that I could break their perfect record. Oh well if I do, I have faith and know I will be in a great place waiting for my beloved wife to be with me again.
 I have so much to do in the next 4 days that I will be kept busy. Unfortunately I ran my BMW up on the curb and messed up the lower side panel and two wheels. I have to take it in on the 8th to have it worked on. What a stupid 2K$ thing to do. Thank God I have insurance and a low deductible. I have to pack my bag and double check everything. We have two dogs and have to make arrangements to have them taken to the kennel. They need to have their shots updated before they go. I will go to my last aerobic swimming class on Monday for probably 3 or 4 weeks. I know I can not go again until after my post op check up. I plan on walking on my treadmill and walking the dogs until I can swim again.
 The Obesity Help web page has been a blessing to me, but in some ways it scars me. I am involved in other activities in electronics and cars and I know that many of the folks who check in and ask questions are having problems. Sometimes because of the surgery was not correct but in many times I feel the person has misunderstood something or just plain disregarded what they were told to do. Many people who had the surgery and are getting along just fine never post anything, so you can get a distorted view that there is so many problems with the surgery. I know I have a friend Bob who had the surgery, he is a little younger than me but he is doing great and looks fantastic and feels great. He never posts so folks like him are not accounted for.
I will post one more time on Tuesday the day before my surgery 5/9/2012

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