Thursday, June 7, 2012

Execution Tomorrow 5/9/2012

on May 8, 2012 1:27 pm 

They will come for me, (the Pillsbury Dough Boy), tomorrow morning. I will be transported to the institution where I will be received by the staff. After making me remove my cloths they will put me on a gurney and roll me into a room where everyone has their faces masked. I guess to keep them unidentified and safe from retaliation by dinner and cinnamon roll fanatics. They will place tubes into my arms and other instruments on other parts of my body. My poor pee pee. After the fluids in the tubes do their job the head man in the room will cut into my flesh and remove parts of me and then rearrange other parts. The masked persons in the room may be those damn Ghost Busters who gave me so much trouble years ago. After that they will take what is left of me to another room where my wife can view the body. She plans on taking what is left of me home. Putting me in my favorite easy chair and watch me fade away over the next few months until I am just a shadow of myself. I hope I don't stink too bad.  

Note: In the photo here I had already lost 32 lbs before the surgery. Taken just before we left for the hospital. 

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