Thursday, June 7, 2012

Execution Completed

on May 13, 2012 11:40 am 

Well as planned they(my wife Jackie), came for me at 2:30 am on Wednesday the 9th.
I was driven to the facilities in Bellevue Washington where the execution was to be carried out. There were many buildings on the campus and after circling the block many times the West Parking garage was found and we went down one floor, crossed and alley way and met the admitting personal. They were all very nice, accommodating and helpful. Why shouldn’t they be, it wasn't their day of execution.
I was then taken to a holding cell where they in fact took my cloths away and weighed my carcase. After the admitting person who was also very nice pulled up all my records, I was left in the holding cell to contemplate the many times I had eaten an extra helping of mashed potatoes and gravy. The many times I had over eaten so many things in my life. The many times I swore I would never gain back my weight after loosing 100 pounds or more over the years. Now here I was facing the music for a life of over indulgence. I had nobody to blame for my predicament but myself. I was sorry and repentant.

After a short period of time a very officious looking lady came into the room with a mask at the ready and many instruments hanging around her neck. She said she was my anesthesiologist. She asked several questions that I had previously been asked and then explained that I would be transported very soon into the main operating room where the procedure would be done. She asked if I had any questions or last requests, and I said will it be lights our or will I kind of drift away? She said what did I want. I said light out as soon as possible.
They put a tube in my wrist and started putting liquids in my arm. I was talking to Jackie when all of a sudden someone was saying wake up Mr. Wassmann you are in recovery. Gee what a let down. I didn't get to enjoy any theatrics or drama. Just wake up???? How anticlimactic is that?
I was taken to a completely different part of the hospital and like a miracle all my belongings and my wife where the waiting for me. The rest of that day was very foggy. My wife like the good gal she is, stayed with me over night sleeping on a little couch they had there in the room.
I had asked the nurses to give me oxygen to help me breath better. They did not think I needed it and they of course where right, I was wrong. The oxygen gave me nasal congestion and I could not breath well through my noise. 

When they put the humidifier in my APAP machine they disconnected the unit in some way and it would not work in the hospital. I found the problem and it is working now. I really don't think I have that bad a case of apnea anyway. Now for the worst part of the procedure.
They had put a catheter in my little pee pee while I was asleep. The second day they took it out. No big deal. But I was not peeing much on my own. One evening one of the female nurses came into the room with what looked like a lap top computer and a funny looking track ball on the end. They rubbed it on my bladder area and determined that my bladder was full and they would have to put the catheter back in. Now this nurse may have had a bad spat with her boyfriend or husband, I do not know, but she proceeded to put a garden hose up my pee pee. YAAAAAAWWWWWEEEE that hurt like hell. I was not even pleased with the male nurse in the room as he was kind of egging her on and smiling a lot. They took it out after a few hours but talked about putting it back in if I could not pee more on my own. I would have taken water into the bathroom and put it in the little top hat thing they had in the can rather then go through that again. The nurse said my bladder would burst if I didn't have it drained. I would rather have that, then another rubber hose insertion.

But seriously the staff, of nurses was just great. They saw to every need I may have. They really had my comfort at their goal. I don't think I could have had better care in my mothers arms. The surgeons came in and talked to me several times and told me how well the operation went and even said something that made me feel great. They said that internally I had absolutely no fat, and that was a good thing. All the internals they could see looked to be in great shape and much younger appearing than my physical age. 

I was let go on Friday and have spent the past couple of days just sitting around watching TV and sipping and trying to find something I like to eat. I do have some challenges and particulars with my procedure and I will ask you all questions and gather your thoughts as to what they mean and what I can do about them. This post was intended to let you know they let the nut out amongst the normal people, so keep the women and children inside.

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