Friday, June 8, 2012

Great support from WLS team

Can you believe this in this day and age? I had a problem with my insulin level the other morning. I made a mistake and did not have enough protein in the morning, took my insulin shot and in about an hour as I was getting ready to go swimming my blood count went down to 52 and I nearly passed out. I had some orange juice and recovered. Because I was worried about having low blood sugars and my counts in the morning and evening were in the low 90s I felt I had better send an email to my WLS team to get their ideas. Well can you believe this, late last night I got a call from Dr. Bock. He spent at least a half hour on the phone with me talking about what happened and making corrections to my treatment. He coordinated communications with my PCP and sent me a follow up message. Now I call that support. I did not contact him directly just sent a message to the hospital where I had surgery. My surgeon Dr. Landers was not in so Dr. Bock took it upon himself to help me. Makes me feel more confident in the care I am getting. They could not have done a better job for me.  

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