Thursday, November 7, 2013


Well one thing I am learning is that if you want to keep your weight off, it is much easier to do if you can keep yourself busy. When the weather around here was good, I could always find something to do around the yard. But now the normal weather for this time of year is in full force and it is too cold and wet to be outside much.

Now because I am somewhat bored, I find myself thinking of eating something all the time. I have been pretty successful as there are not many things in the house that would be that bad for me to eat unless of course I ate a lot of them. We now have herbal tea each day at about 2 PM and will usually have a shortbread cookie with the tea. I of course count the calories in my daily menu plan and record it on MFP, but still it would be easy to eat many of them during the day and that would lead to problems.

There are only so many things I want to look up or access on my computer. Only so much time I want to spend on my other hobby amateur radio. After that I find myself looking for something to do around the house to keep my mind off of eating something because I am bored.

It is my birthday in a couple of days and Jackie got me a home weather station. It is fun to set it up and play with it a little and it did take me away from boredom for a time, but now I have to look for more things to do. I put the weather station on my computer so I can see the display better and it gives me more details than the regular control panel can have on it. I also registered and put my station on the Weather Underground and you can find it on the internet by searching for stations in Lacey, Washington. The name of my station is Slum of Lacey.

Of course we have the Thanksgiving holiday coming up soon and then Christmas so I will be kind of busy during those times, but they involve food so I also got to be extra careful that I do not over indulge with all that great stuff we have around.

After the first of the year, I will start putting in new floors in the house, painting, and remodeling the kitchen a little so for quite a few months until Spring, I will be very busy doing those tasks so I will not have much time to be bored and will probably wish I could actually be bored again. 

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