Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Big Party

Well we had our big 50th wedding Anniversary party here at our home that was put on by our daughters. They did just a wonderful job and I am so proud of them. A father could not expect a better bunch of daughters. They are all different in personalities, and talent. But deep down inside they are, to sum it up just nice, compassionate and caring people. 

What they did for us was just wonderful. We had some old friends over and many of our family. There were other events going on that day that some of our close friends had to attend because their kids were in them, but all and all our best friends showed up and we had a great time. 

The girls surprised us with many great gifts other than the food and other things they had arranged. They gave us photo albums, and pictures of Jackie and I over the years. They gave us a very beautiful picture album cover in silver to hold our pictures we are going to take on our anniversary trip to England. But one of the nicest things they gave us was one that did not cost much. They gave us a poster board with comments on it about things they remembered as young gals that meant a lot to them. Some of them I could hardly remember and was so shocked that they would remember these things. Some of them were so touching that they made me cry. I love them so much. 

We went to a photographer shop and had photos taken of our little family just like the one we have hanging on the wall for our 25 anniversary. This time we are just a little older. Our great grandson came here with his mom and we got my mom, the little ones great great grandma and all the rest of us in a 5 generation photo. Not many people can show a photo of them and their gg grandma. She is now 95 and in good physical shape but her mind is starting to drift out a little, but lets hope she is around at least to 100. 

Our new goal is to reach our 75th anniversary. Don’t laugh we are in pretty good shape and now the my WLS and think I have a real chance. 

Will post to you when we get back from England.

But thanks again girls for a wonderful party that we will remember for the rest of our lives. 

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