Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Travel After WLS

Now after losing weight there are many things that I really love and traveling is one of them. How many times when I was very heavy it was very uncomfortable to travel, because just moving was hard and I would sweat very much and huff and puff anywhere I went. Pulling my body along let alone baggage was a major chore. I am probably imagining it but it seemed that people were looking at me and saying to themselves, “I hope that big fat guy does not sit next to me”. 

When I got on the plain I had a hard time walking down the narrow isles and then many times had to crawl over someone to get to my seat or they would get up with a look of discuss on their faces. When I got in the seat it was like putting a foot into a shoe that was too small. Sometimes depending on the type of plain I could get the seat belt around me, but sometimes I had to ask for a seat belt extension. That was always embarrassing. 

The ride to where I was going was always very uncomfortable with my legs and body rubbing against other people and having my legs and arms all twisted up to fit in the narrow space I had. I hurt my knee the first time because I had to ride all the way to the East Coast with my knee bent funny. 

Now on the last trip I took and I was 30 lbs heavier than I am now and I had all kinds of room and was treated and felt like any other passenger. I had plenty of room and could pull the tray all the way down and if the person in front of me leaned back in their chair I was not crushed like I used to be when a person did that. 

We are planning on going to England next summer for our 50th wedding anniversary. We plan on taking side tours and flying there. We know we will be much more comfortable this time and I know we will have a much better time now at a much lower weight.

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