Thursday, November 29, 2012

Planning For Christmas

Our tree this year
Well I made it through the Thanksgiving holiday without going against my diet plan and actually lost weight. Now of course Christmas is coming and I have the opportunity to again eat according to my plan and still lose weight. 

Normally I would be looking forward to cakes, cookies, and candy for the holiday. This year there may be some of that stuff brought into the house, but I will not be eating it myself. I really have no desire to do so this year. In years past it was always my tradition to get some good chocolates just for the season, but this year I am not going to get anything like that. 

We are putting up the normal Christmas decorations including the tree. We do not have a real tree as we do not want to cut one down just for the season and the artificial trees look very good and it is much easier for folks our age to set up and decorate. Of course Jackie has many other decorations and is busy setting them up. I got the many boxes out or the garage and brought them in for her, so she is now busy finding stuff and putting it out. Her back problems slow her down and she has to take her time doing it, but it will eventually be all set up and looking great as usual. She used to put up 5 trees but now we just put up this one tree. 

We are already making plans for what we are going to have for our Christmas Eve day dinner. Probably the normal ham and scalloped potatoes. We have the dinner early enough so the rest of the family can be home for their own Christmas Eve activities. I will post again after Christmas to let you know how I did as far as eating on my plan after Christmas.

Of course to us Christmas is much more than eating. We really do celebrate the birth of Jesus and love the music and other events associated with the holiday. As a child, I had just wonderful Christmases. My parents and grandparents went out of their way to make our Christmases just as wonderful as possible. Jackie does not have that many great memories of the season as her parents were alcoholics and Christmas was a time of great amount of drinking and sometimes things did not turn out very good for her. We always did our best to make Christmas fun and remembered for our kids and I hope they have good things to remember and tell their kids about. I am sure they will.  

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