Monday, September 3, 2012

Went to a Nice Restaurant

Yesterday we went to a real nice restaurant, really the best restaurant in our town. We were celebrating my youngest daughter’s divorce and the temporary return home for Saul my oldest grandson from military school. 

All of Sundee’s (my daughter) kids where there and Sundee’s boy friend Eric. We had a great dinner and I am proud to say that even though it was kind of embarrassing, to have to take my scale out of Jackie’s purse and weigh my food, I got it done and was able to enjoy a great meal without getting sick. I have problems eating sea food these days so I had a steak. It was about 7oz so I had to cut off a 
.5oz piece, put it on the scale and then on 

to my regular plate and enjoy. They gave us a nice spinach salad, with dressing on the side, but I could not eat it, because by the time I had my steak, I was full and the spinach was too big and hard to cut into small pieces. I was afraid also that the dressing that was on the side would make me sick so I didn’t eat that. Also there was a big nice baked potato with sour cream, which I gave to the boys. They were glad to have it. We took what was left of Jackie and my steak and we are going to have it for lunch today. There were also some steamed green beans and I had one or two but did not have room to eat that much so Jackie at a few. 

So I feel proud that I could go to a restaurant and enjoy a great meal with family and friends. It kind of felt like I was a regular guy eating like a regular guy. And one of the best parts is that Eric paid for everything. Thanks you Eric. He seems to be a great guy and my daughter is happy with him and that makes me happy. 

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