Friday, September 7, 2012

Something Strange

I just found out something strange that happened during or shortly after my RNY. Yesterday I was at my swimming session and the wife of one of my friends who came to the hospital with my wife and saw me come out of recovery and put in my room, told me she is starting to try to have an RNY herself but is scared to death after watching what I went through in my room when they brought me back after the surgery. I said it was fine. I was not in pain and not sick and resting peacefully. My wife then said to me, “honey that is not actually quite true”. I said what? That is how I remember it. She said, “No you were having much difficulty breathing and were in a kind of panic mode thrashing round in the bed it was very scary and I was not sure what was going to happen”. She told me my friends in the room where shocked and the nurses were rushing around as if they were trying to save my life. My wife said, I eventually calmed down and with the help of oxygen, I started to breath fine again.  

Boy I do not remember this at all. Isn’t that kind of odd. I understand that the medications they give you these days makes you forget what is going on, but is that a good idea? I mean with the problems of people and dementia and such isn’t this kind of playing with fire? They are purposefully making you forget things? I am not sure I like this, how about you? It scares me to think my brain has been forced to forget things. I forget enough already at my age on my own.  

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