Friday, September 21, 2012

Jackie's Birthday

Yesterday was Jackie’s birthday. She is now over 40 years old…well maybe a little older than that. But to my old eyes she is just as beautiful as she was when I first met her. Not only is she a beautiful woman on the outside, she is a strong and beautiful person in spirit. She has always supported me and gave me encouragement in every aspect of my life. Even considering that I looked a lot like an overstuffed pillow most of my life, she never gave up on me and always did what she could to help me through the many problems of weight I have had most of our married life. 

The picture here was taken at Christmas time in 1967. We were telling Jackie’s parents that we were going to have a baby. That baby became our first daughter Tawni. As you can see I had already started to gain a lot of weight. She, as she has been most of her life, is slim. I thank God for her and she was a gift from him, and without her, I am sure I would not be still alive. 

We went to Applebee’s last night and had a real nice dinner. The folks there were kind to us and bent over backwards to make sure what I got to eat was the way I wanted it so that I could enjoy Jackie’s birthday. I took my scale with me, had them just make a house steak for me, which was just wonderful, I cut off 2.5oz and ate it. It was very tender and cooked just the way I wanted it. They also made me a nice salad with the dressing on the side. I was able to eat much of it and did not get sick and felt very satisfied. Jackie was able to have a regular steak but she also only ate about 4oz of it and half of her baked potato. They gave her a small hot fudge sundae which she ate and loved. I had a small lick of it, but I don’t care for chocolate so it was no big deal for me not to have.  

Bless you Jackie and Happy Birthday

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