Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Small Changes

I have been going on longer bike rides these days. Still very unsteady around cars on the roads. We have a short bike path near my home, but it is not long enough for a real good ride. They say you can get to the Western Trail from it, but I tried to find the path this morning with no luck and had to turn around. I did see another biker and I think I found the path, but it was on my way home so did not turn around. I am going to the trail Thursday but I am doing it the easy way, I am going to put the bike in the car and drive to it.  

I have decided two things for my health without NUT or PCP approval. I have been having blood counts in the morning and evening in the low 90s or high 80s with 15 units of insulin. I sent the figures to my PCP but have not herd anything back as to what I should do, so I am cutting it back to 10 units and watch it close to see what happens. I also decided that I need to eat a little more so I upped my calorie count to 800 calories max. I am not sure I can get that many calories in a day as I have problems eating more than 2.5oz of some things but I am going to try.  

I have been having some constipation problems again lately so I went back to having two cups of hot chocolate in the morning before breakfast. That seems to keep my more regular than anything else. That is also one of the reasons I am going to have more calories as it increases my count by 120 calories. But if it makes me poop, it is worth it. Not being able to go or passing rocks is not fun.      

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