Friday, May 30, 2014

Two Year Out, Checkup

I had my two year checkup yesterday with my surgical team. All tests came back very good. The dizziness I have been having sometimes they feel was because I was a little dehydrated. I am still within 6 pounds of my lowest weight and that is fine and to be expected. They weighed me dressed of course and even with all my cloths on I was just a fraction over my desired BMI. But I normally weigh on each Tuesday in my underwear and then I am within normal on the BMI scale.

I have been taking a medication for cholesterol. Because my tests came back and my cholesterol was so low they felt I should not take that medication anymore. So other than the meds I take for heartburn, I have no prescription medications at all. What a change from the days of taking a tray of meds and insulin shots 3 times a day.

The past two years have gone by very fast and the changes in my life and corresponding health have been amazing. I just hope it all continues and feel good about the prospects.  

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