Thursday, October 25, 2012

Strange Body Changes

This is getting kind of funny but my body is changing so much that I am having a hard time recognizing myself. I used to have a lot of padding on my butt. I could sit on a chair or bench for quite a long time with no problems. But now, my fanny gets sore and I have to get up ever so often. 

I also find lumps and bumps on my body that kind of give me a start. Once I find the lump I discover that it is a bone or muscle that used to be buried under fat. 

As I have said before I used to always be hot. I seldom even needed a coat to go outside. We keep our home some what cool to save on electricity costs, but now I have to walk around the house with layers of cloths on. No more shorts and tee shirts. I have a hooded sweat shirt that I ware most of the time to keep warm.  

Just little changes, but with all the benefits that the weight loss has given me like not having to take insulin and most other medicine anymore the surgery was well worth it to me. Let alone now that my sore knees and feet seldom hurt now and what I thought would require surgery to repair soon looks less likely. 

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