Friday, October 12, 2012

Hygiene Changes

This subject is going to be somewhat gross so if you are easily offended stop here.

I was interested in a comment early this week I think, from a guy who sounded a lot like me in many ways. It had to do with something very personal and embarrassing. It was about how in the heck you can wipe you fanny well after going to the bathroom Number 2. This is especially topical for men as women have a better route to the effected area. But us men have got to go around the south pole to get to our area. And there is the root of the problem. Some of us have a bigger obstacle there than others but that is for another story. Anyway for me, I had to learn to dislocate my right shoulder to get the job done. I was worried that if I got any fatter I would need to get some kind of an extension to keep myself clean. I took showers every day, sometimes two so that I did not stink which I was in deep fear of being. I always asked my wife if I smelled and that was also very embarrassing.

Now the good news. After losing over 100lbs not only can I do the duty for myself without dislocating my shoulder, I can reach not only the area I want with ease, but just about touch the other hip. This makes me very happy and so glad that I had WLS.

The other embarrassing problem I had as a Pillsbury Dough Boy was that in the shower I could not wash parts of my body well. Hell I could not even see parts of my body. I had a dickey do…for you uninformed, that meant that my stomach stuck out father than my dickey did…sorry if this is inappropriate, I warned you didn’t I? I also could just see my feet but had a very hard time reaching them to wash them properly.

As a diabetic my PCP always checked my feet to make sure I was not having problems there. One time she said “you feet are fine, but you sure do have a lot of cheese between your toes“. How embarrassing was that? No way could I hold my leg up and use a wash rag to wash between my toes.

Now the good news about that. I can see every part that I could not see before WLS. I can keep myself as clean as I want and can actually wash between my toes. What a blessing that is to me.

I don’t know if any of you have had similar problems but these are two of the reasons I am happy to have the opportunity of having WLS. For just these two of many many reasons I do not regret having RNY just 5 months ago.

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