Sunday, August 5, 2012

Current Weight Loss Progress

I just want to take a quick post here to show some photos of my current progress. I am still far away from my goal weight, but next week on the 9th of August will be my 3 month anniversary. My body has not shrunk down to reflect the weight I have lost which at this time is a little over 80 pounds. 

The highest weight I have ever recorded was 378 pounds that was in the mid 90’s as I remember it. One of the photos presented here is me at about 330 pounds when I was Dayton at a ham convention I attended in 2005.
Another one is me in my bedroom in my swimming trunks. I was about 307 pounds at this time shortly before I started my pre-operation diet. I lost about 30 pounds on the diet. 

I am now a lot smaller although I am a long way off from what I want to be, I am happy with the results so far. 

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